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LC143 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

TFC - For Non-Chlorinated Water - 50 gallons per 24 hours. Offers 90-99% rejection

Retail Price : $342.06
Our Low Price : $307.85

Elga Brand RO Membranes feature rejection rates of 98-99% and the best consistency available. Guaranteed one year shelf life with no biological growth. These membranes require that the feed water contains no chlorine or you may have premature membrane failure. Activated carbon is used to protect this membrane from chlorine damage.

Membrane flow is based on a water temperature of 77F at a pressure of 100 p.s.i. If you would like to increase the production rate of your reverse osmisis system will will also be necessary to chage the reject flow restrictor. If you do not throw enough water down the drain you will cause premature membrane failure.

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