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3512C - R.O. Membrane

R.O. Membrane

Removes Bacteria, pyrogens, organic and inorganic contamination. Comparable to CDRO012S0. No longer a recommended membrane. Use 3512T instead Requires carbon pretreatment).

Retail Price : $959.56
Our Low Price : $719.68

This celulose membrane is used in older Millipore Milli-RO  Reverse Osmosis Systems. It is not the membrane you would normally want to use. This membrane offers lower rejection rates, flow rates and a narrow pH compatability compared to the modern Thin Film compostie membranes. 

You should use the 3512T Membrane instead which offers a higher flow rate, better rejection rates at lease twice as pure effluent  and a wide pH compatability range. 

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  • 3512C - R.O. Membrane

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