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ZFSQ115P4 - Millipore Super-Q Plus

Millipore Super-Q Plus

Flow Rate Up to 12 l.p.m. Special Purchase. Brand New in Crate. Old Stock. 1 available at this price.

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EMD Millipore Super-Q™ Plus High-Volume Water Purification Systems

Produce up to 12L/min. of Type I ultrapure water


High-flow water systems provide final polish to water which has been pretreated by reverse osmosis, deionization or distillation. Eliminates need for water storage systems. Consistenlty produce ultrapure quality water that exceeds Type I ASTM™/CAP/CLSi specifications.

Required Accessories:
  • Required filter cartridges each sold separately  
  • Deionizer cartridge removes inorganics MB2202
  • Organic Removal cartridge removes trace organic contaminants OS2201
  • Bactera / Particulate Filter FF2201  
  • and/or Pyrogen Free Water, An Ultrafilter 4022U
  • Water in bowls is automatically recirculated hourly to maintain water quality between uses
  • Gauge indicates pressure of incoming feedwater Display shows resistivity measurement Modular design allows customization for specific applications 

  • Applications: Produce water ideal for preparing tissue culture media and reagents, and as rinse water for electronics.

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  • ZFSQ115P4 - Millipore Super-Q Plus

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